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Tyrone C. Moncriffe awarded 2017 Top 50 Black Professional & Entrepreneurs

      Tyrone C. Moncriffe is Board Certified in Criminal Law by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, and a faculty member of the Criminal Defense Institute. He is certified for first chair in Death Penalty cases in Harris County, Texas and, also lectures on acting and storytelling in trials where he uses skills learned from Sandra Zimmer’s Self Expression Center in Houston, Texas. In 1978, he graduated from Texas Southern University, magna cum laude. After completion of his undergraduate degree, Tyrone continued his education at Thurgood Marshall School of Law graduating in 1982.

      2013 was a phenomenal year for Tyrone, obtaining many new accolades as well as continuing to build on his previous awards. Tyrone C. Moncriffe was given a presidential award by TCDLA President Lydia C. Jackson for work in the organization and received the most nominations for the TOP 50 Black Lawyers of Houston. He was voted as one of the favorite speakers at the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Seminar in May. Tyrone was asked to speak at the Ohio Bar Associate Superstar Seminar as well as the DUI/DWI Seminar in Las Vegas Nevada.   


     Tyrone was honored with a Trail Blazer Award by Harris County Black Criminal Lawyers in 2015, The Presidential Award 2015 for work with TCDLA, voted in "National Top One Percent Lawyers 2015", and "Best Attorney" charter member 2015. Also, was voted for the 10th year in a row as a Super Lawyer.

Board Certified in Criminal Law:   


•   Criminal Law Specialist - 1996-Present 

•   National Board of Trial Advocacy - 1998-Present 

•   Certified Specialist Capital Murder - 1st Chair Harris County  


   Lecturer / Faculty:


•   Voted **Top 100 Trial Lawyers in the Nation 2012-2020 

•   Voted **Top 50 Black Attorneys 2013-14** 

•   Voted Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association

•   Huntsville, Texas Seminar - 2000-Present 

•   Demonstrative Evidence - 2002

•   Harris County Lawyer of the Year - 2017

•   Center for American and International Law - 2004-Present 

•   University of Houston Lecturer / Storytelling 

•   Houston Bar Association / Storytelling 

•   TCDLA / Lecturer 

•   Indigent Defense - Voir Dire 

•   Cross Examination Final Arguments 

•   Super Lawyers 2006 - 2022 

•   H-Texas Magazine 2008 - 2014

•   Book Feature - It's Your Time to Shine! - Pg. 37 

•   Press Release - Alum Tyrone Moncriffe Names Top Professional 

•   Voted one of the Best Speakers of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers 2010 & 2011 

•   Atticus Finch Award Fort Bend Criminal Lawyer Defense Attorney Association - 2019

•   Storytelling & the Art of Persuasion - The Champion Magazine

•   Awarded One of the Top Attorneys in Texas - 2011

Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association (HCCLA)
2013 TCDLA/HCCLA Indigent Defense Advanced Criminal Law Seminar. Speaker Tyrone Moncriffe preparing to go on stage.

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